Our Favorite Business New Year Resolutions:

January 24, 2019


1. Communicate - while social media offers fantastic ways to communicate, it also is less personal than a phone call, a well thought out email or an in person meeting.  They are simple ways to let your staff and your customers know you care. Even better - a hand written note! 

2. Think Ahead - with so many ideas and tasks running in our heads, it is best to get them organized. We use Evernote and the capability to have multiple lists in one platform is very flexible. Whether you want to have different lists for Work/Home/Volunteer or Today/This Week/This Month/This Year, the web and mobile app version sync as you update your lists.  For projects, we use Asana which is great for collaborating with others on your team, assigning tasks and deadlines and we love the board view for larger projects so you can see all elements of a project on one board.  

3. Delegate - are you trying to tackle everything on your own?  However hard it may be, delegation allows you to focus on what you love and what you do best. Think about 

  • What tasks do you dread or put off?

  • What overwhelms you?

  • What takes you too long to do that someone might be able to handle quicker?

And if you do decide to delegate, please let us know if Team Friday can tackle any of your projects!

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