Why Your Opinion Means Something

June 25, 2018

When Team Friday recently engaged with a new client, they told us that the reason that they were unhappy with their current web developer was because they only offered one design direction for their new website. We can't image!  Can anyone image dress shopping and trying on just one dress?  No!


Whether it is a logo, marketing brochure or a website, we always offer choices.  Your reaction matters to us.  It won't be ours to live with - we want your input in the look and feel so that we can make sure we finalize a direction that you love. 


We ended up giving them 4 directions to choose from.  2 that were more traditional, updated and more modern versions of what they currently had.  And 2 that were not like what they currently had, different than what their industry usually sees. Guess what?  They chose one of those. 


It is important for us to give options because we use that feedback to develop the entire site. We walk through the different directions with every client, pulling from them what they do and do not like. Typically there are features or functions that were in a design they didn't chose but that they would like to see in the final version. We incorporate those comments and build a site that we know they will like visually and will have intuitive navigation. 


Some samples of initial design directions: 



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