When Walking Away Feels Right

April 19, 2018

This morning Team Friday turned down three new clients.  That is a lot for a little marketing and creative services company like us.  Having those conversations was hard yet the right thing to do for us and them.  Not every job or task that comes our way is the best fit and it feels so much better to accept that, turn down the potential work and money, and focus on the clients that are right.  Why did we do it?  


One job was a perfect fit for what our team can do - a website for a small retail business that included really great opportunities to do fun design and add an e-commerce platform to their site that would take them to the next level.  The retail shop has a great story and unfortunately they really need to get their product online in this digital economy.  But...the website design work came with a caveat. Photography of over 200 products.  There was additional budget for that work, but it was unrealistic. And product photography, especially jewelry, is hard, even for the most talented photographer.  Our foresight that the client was never going to be happy with the photography part made us realize that the time to get the photos to her liking was never going to make the money worth it.  


The other two projects were fun too.  A non-profit that we believe in but is going through organizational changes that would hinder what we could do to support them. And 18 events over the course of 12 months for a local networking group .  The reason we knew to walk away was that both required sales and fundraising support.  That's not our wheelhouse and while we could pull up our boot straps and do it, that didn't feel right.  Who is best to sell a product, service or cause?  The people whose product, service or cause it is.  


The overwhelming relief that saying no was right for us AND them was solacing.  Team Friday is more about giving our clients 100% of our focus and talent.  We believe in the hustle, but sometimes it is ok to say nope, not this time.  



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