Four Reasons Why Hiring a Mom is Great for Your Small Business

June 4, 2017


Owning and running a small business is a lot like having a child; she’s your baby and you want to be involved in every phase of her growth, maturity and success. From birth, you’ve been there guiding and managing; staying hands-on through every step of the way.


But, much like the needs of a child change and evolve, so do the demands of your business on your time and resources. As your organization grows, administrative and marketing requirements can become more important, pulling you away from your core business responsibilities.  That means prioritizing, streamlining and sometimes admitting that you can’t do it all yourself.


Choosing the right partner to help take care of your small business needs can be an arduous task.  Here are four reasons why hiring Moms is the best way to keep your “baby “ reaching more milestones!


Moms Know Multi-Tasking

In fact, they practically invented it. Who else can balance a checkbook, plan a dinner menu, make multiple doctor appointments and review geography homework, all the while draping a child over one hip? Moms are able to transfer those skills into the business world as multi-tasking powerhouses. Need data-entry done? And a new brochure designed? Plus a social media plan organized? Moms can handle that. Probably with a child draped over one hip.


Moms Can Adapt

If Moms had a dime for every time they had to change plans because of a sick child or an unexpected family emergency, they’d be the richest subsection of the country’s population. A Mom’s mantra is ‘expect the unexpected….and then deal with it.’ That means handling client changes or new organizational directions in the same smooth and flexible manner. 


Moms are Good Under Pressure

Moms get screamed at, pulled on and pelted with bananas all while accomplishing their daily to-do lists. Think you can ruffle the feathers of a Mom?  It takes a lot. Even late-night crisis requests for poster board can’t do it.  Grumpy CEOs….disgruntled customers….last minute budget overhauls…. Moms eat them for breakfast.


Moms are Educated Experts

Generation X and Millennials, which make up the majority of today's generation of current Moms, are more educated than previous generations. Many of those Moms worked at full-time executive careers before making the decision to stay at home with children or take part-time, flexible employment to support their families. So, they don't just have Mom skills, they have quantifiable, degree-backed, real resume skills, too.


No matter what facet of your business requires a little extra help, Moms can definitely get the job done. Team Friday is proud to partner with a network of professionally vetted, experienced, talented Moms (and Dads!) who apply their education, expertise and critical business skills to providing short-term creative and administrative support to local businesses.  Call 703.599.7644 or visit today to get a Mom on your team!

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