Fresh Content: Write it, Post it, Repeat

October 14, 2016

When was the last time you engaged your target audience? There are so many ways to stay up to date; fresh website content, a new blog post, sharing a relevant article on Linked-in, a Tweet, a Facebook post. Even traditional print materials like brochures, white papers and paper or e-newsletters. Who has time to manage all the avenues available to reach your current audience, let alone influence potential new business opportunities? Although without fresh content your brand disintegrates, blurs away, weakens. If a visitor finds your site or looks you up on social media and finds that the last time you updated anything was in 2014, they wouldn’t exactly think you are innovative. Visitors want to know your brand is active, relevant and flourishing. By keeping your audience engaged, your brand stays significant, stands out among your competition. And you develop long-term loyalty, which is something you just can’t buy. The more you update your content, the smarter you look, the stronger industry authority you become, and people begin to trust what you say. It builds your reputation. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to purchase from you. Updated content makes your brand shine from the outside. But it also updates from the inside. Google and other search engines love frequent updates – written, visual and interactive updates like blog comments. Indexing, keywords, search engine optimization all run from the inside. Fresh content gives you a boost in your search engine placement and presents the opportunity to tag new content with keywords that get seen and enhance your brand significantly. Team Friday can assess your current content, design a content strategy, write fresh content, edit internally developed content, and market your new content across the various platforms available. Call or email us today for a complimentary assessment.



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